Friday, December 3, 2010

Okay, so I seem to be the teensiest bit behind again. I just finished two Halloween pages, and I have a couple of Thanksgiving pages to go...and then I'm free to scrap Milly's birthday (next week) and then CHRISTMAS. Holy cow, where did 2010 go?!

Anyway...check out the super cute kit that I chose for this year's Halloween pages - Witches Brew, by Big Dream Designs:

There are so many more cute elements than I managed to work into my own pages in my scrap-deprived state...but here's what I came up with. In case you can't tell, my girls were Rainbow Brite and Alice (in Wonderland) this year. :)

I especially loved the "bootiful" tag, since they are. :)

Have you scrapped your Halloween pics yet? If not, better get on it soon. Witches Brew is on sale for only $2.80 at DSC, and Le Pingouin has some great templates to help you get started - my first page was created using a template from her Template Set 8!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ode to Fall

As promised, here are two layouts (finally, now that Photoshop has decided to cooperate with me again) using DSC's October collab, Falling For You. Wanna see the preview? Good! :)

If it's fall-ish, it's in there - and it's only $4.99 at DSC! Now for a couple of pages. One from a geocaching trip last fall...

This one was made with a template from Le Pingouin's Template Set Seven, also available at DSC - four great templates for $1.49 (this one isn't even my favorite from the set - seriously, go look!)

And another from Rachael's very first pumpkin patch visit, way back in October 2004. (Why no, I haven't taken many outdoor pics yet this fall...why do you ask?!)

Wasn't she a cute little chubster? :)

And now...I shall resolve to take some outdoor fall pics of my girls, post haste, so that I can make some current fall pics. Leave me a note to some of your favorite fall pages too - I could use the inspiration!

Friday, October 15, 2010

It's blog train time again!

We're FINALLY having a day here in southern Virginia that truly feels like fall. It's windy, cool enough for jeans and long sleeves, and yellow, orange and brown leaves are swirling everywhere. I LOVE IT! Fall is absolutely my favorite season, and I'm thrilled to see it return. To help celebrate, I've joined in a blog train with some other ladies from Digital Scrap Cafe...and here is a fall-ish luggage tag frame just por vous. Click on the image to download!

Then jump on board and visit the other girls too, for even more free frames!

Digtal scrap Cafe
The Beale Five
sugar Pie Scraps
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Cage Bird Designs
Three Hearts Digital D
Milly Dee Designs

All frames in this blog train were created using DSC's October designer collab kit, Falling For You. It's a huge collab, and only $4.99 this month. I have a couple of pages in the works using this kit too, so I'll be back with those soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the train...and thanks for stopping by! :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Fairytale Princesses

Okay, I just plain fell in love with this kit by Laurie's Scraps - it's called While Beauty Sleeps:

The colors are just perfectly girly and...well, I kind of have this thing about taking sleeping pictures of my girls, so doesn't the title sound perfect for that?! :)

First, I thought I'd show off some of my first-thing-in-the-morning birthday pictures. I have to have my last shots of each girl before they actually turn a year older...which is easier with Rachael (below) as she was born at 7:33 PM, versus Little Miss 7:04 AM who came next. This page was made with one of Le Pingouin's Shattered Blocks templates - check out the next post for another one!

And then, since we had the Sleeping Beauty theme going on and all...I just couldn't resist doing this. :)

This page was made with a template from Aprilisa - one that you can snag for free right now at DSC's Template Challenge. Grab While Beauty Sleeps while you're there too - it's only $4.99, a small price to pay for girly kit perfection. :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Back to Skool

Back to school time is behind us now...six weeks behind us, in fact...and I'm finally finding a little time to scrap it. Yes, it's been that busy - but we love our little homeschool despite the craziness! The amazing designers at Digital Scrap Cafe put out a great back to school collab back in August. This is Skool Daze:

And this is our first day of school - using a nifty new template called Shattered Blocks by Le Pingouin Designs:

Rachael also started a brand new art class in September, and that needed to be documented as well!

You can find Skool Daze at DSC for just $4.99. Keep your eyes peeled for Shattered Blocks at DSC as well!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Vroom vroom!

Hey, mama...what do you drive? No matter what your mom-mobile may be, you need to document it you can remind your little ones when they're grown what you used to chauffeur them around in. Constantly. Check out this kit - Mom's Taxi, by Simply Scrappy:

How much fun is that?! Okay, the first thing I did was completely scraplift my fellow CT member, Stacy. You can see her original layout here. Or you can just keep looking, because I really did just shamelessly copy everything but her actual journaling and background paper. Hey, sometimes a layout is just too perfect not to have for your very own. ;)

You can click to see it full-sized, if you're so inclined. So, after completely ripping off Stacy's page, I thought I should do something a little more original with it, and here's what I came up with:

Heehee! I'm a little giddy over it. My pages usually aren't that busy, but I had a great time piecing that together. :) So, if you GO GO GO too...head on over to Elemental Scraps and pick up Mom's Taxi! You can have all of the elements, papers, worn papers, and even some templates for $7. Have fun!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

So precious...

So, last week I finally got to meet, in person, my sweet little nephew that lives on the opposite end of the country. He's such a precious baby! I've been working on scrapping his first year as a first birthday gift, although I'm not doing them in any particular order. So even though he's six months old now, I think I'm finally happy with these two newborn pages.

NOTE: Should my wonderful sister-in-law stumble across my scrap blog, she should probably skip this post, so as to be surprised come February-ish. :)

I'm forever on the lookout for great baby boy kits...having two girls, I have NONE in my collection. I prefer kits that are baby-ish but not super cutesy...clean and classy is my goal for my nephew's album. Sweet Pea Whimsy (boy version) by Ruby Lane worked nicely for these pages:

This kit is on sale now for $4 at Funky Playground, and there's a ton of cuteness to work with! Here's what I did...

Whew, these BOY pages just don't come as easily to me as girly pages. Guess it's all in what you get used to, huh? More to come!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nooo, not yet!

If you have a child older than say, three days old, you can probably attest to the fact that they grow up much too quickly. I keep telling mine that they're not allowed, but they keep on doing it anyway. So when I saw Simply Scrappy's new kit, Trendy Tween:

I immediately thought of my "big" girl. Who is SIX. And acts like she's 14 or so.

There is a TON of great Trendy Tween stuff to be found at Elemental Scraps too. There's the kit itself, a template pack (one of which I used on this page), some really cool clusters (like the frame on my page) and worn papers (the only thing I *didn't* use here!) Or, you could just snag the entire bundle while it's on sale for just $7.50, because you're gonna want it all. :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Mixed Melodies that I'm (mostly) back into my scrap groove, I'm thrilled to have become a part of another great creative team - for Simply Scrappy! She has SO many great kits coming up, and the first one I got to play with was just released today. Check out Mixed Melodies:

Yeah, you saw that right - two kits in one, one girly and one boy-ish, PLUS templates. I'll definitely be coming back to this kit (over and over and over) but only had time to make one page with before today's release date:

Remember, you can always click on my pages to see them full-size. ;) Mixed Melodies is on sale now at Elemental Scraps for $7.48 - a great price for everything that comes in the kit! :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


No, not right now...already been there and done that for this summer. And after middle-of-the-night deflated air mattress issues during our last trip, I'm not in a HUGE hurry to go again. Maybe this fall. Anywho...I found the cutest little kit to scrap some camping pictures in Camp Iwannascrap by Double Dutch Designs:

Here are a couple of pages from our most recent camping trip:

The first layout was created with Template Set Matted by Le Pingouin Designs, which will be available at Digital Scrap Cafe on August 20. The second page was created with Template Set 4, also by Le Pingouin and available now for $1.99. And to complete the DSC trifecta, Camp Iwannascrap is also available there for $4.99. :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Super girly!

Okay, folks, bear with me as I work out some photo posting difficulties on the blog...but here are some more new pages in the meantime. You can always click on MY pages to see them full-size...unfortunately, I'm not sure what to do yet to make previews any less gargantuan. I'm working on it! ;)

As a testament to just how far I am...I finally finished up a couple of pages using the super cute June 2010 collab from Digital Scrap Cafe (still available for $4.99!), Girlish:

Is that not the cutest kit?! Here are a couple of pages I whipped up with it:

And then there's another adorable kit from LawTeeDa - this would be *perfect* if you happen to have twins in your life, but it's pretty great for siblings too. It's called Peas in a Pod - on sale now for $4.50 at ScrapMatters:

They're not twins, but my girls definitely fit the description!

Oh! Just one more using LePingouin's Big Pics templates (see previous post) and Tootlebugz's kit Petite Fleur:

Yeah, that's a good place to leave you for now. :) I'll be tweaking the blog, saying a little prayer, maybe throwing a few things at the screen...and then I'll be back with more!

Holy scrap funk, Batman!

I don't know what got into scrap mojo just up and abandoned me, and apparently decided to take the whole summer off. Thanks to the lovely ladies at the JM Digi Scrap board and the Scrapathon they hosted this weekend, though, I've once again ventured into Photoshop and made a few new pages to share. Maybe I can stick with it, since I'm woefully behind on my scrapping!

To begin with, I backed up to LawTeeDa's Christmas in July kit, Merry & Bright, which is available at ScrapMatters for $5.99:

We actually had some SNOW this past winter! This page was created using a template from LePingouin's Big Pics set, available for $1.99 at Digital Scrap Cafe:

And then there's one of my favorite snowy days that deserved to be scrapped as well:

More pics coming momentarily, as the photo uploader sees fit to give me a hard time after being away for so long...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I'll admit it again - I'm a sucker for pink and brown. Throw in a few shades of purple and a dab of plaid, and I'm SOLD. Valarie Ostrom's new grab bag kit Sweetheart has ALL of that!

I just want to squeal a little just looking at it!

And then...THEN! The piece de resistance...the cupcake label. Yep, if there's anything I love more than the aforementioned pink/brown/purple/plaid, it's cupcakes. And I've just been looking for an excuse to scrap the lyrics to this little song:

UGH, my sweet tooth is throbbing. :)  Head on over to Sunshine Studio Scraps and pick up this sweet little kit from VO!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Game time!

This month has been busy with something that I actually never saw coming: T-ball! Rachael isn't exactly an athletic child, but when her two best friends both decided to play, she wanted to give it a go too. We've had a blast with practices (she's made a great new friend on her team, and I've made a great new friend in the little girl's mom) and game days have been way more fun than I anticipated. We're near the end of the season now, and I have lots more pics to scrap, but all of these are from the very first game on May 1st. Double Dutch Design's kit Sliding Into Home was just perfect for our T-ball pics, right down to the orange papers that match her uniform!

My little slugger:

Both of these pages were created with Template Set 3 by Le Pingouin Designs, which will be available at Digital Scrap Cafe on June 1st. Sliding Into Home is available there now for $4.99 - perfect for your own little T-ball/softball/baseball player or fan!


My favorite word in the world. :)  I'm a little behind (okay, a lot behind) and should have had pages with this kit finished in time for Mother's Day. But, better late than never, right? Introducing...Dear Mother by Valarie Ostrom Designs:

Being mom to two little girls, I just loved all the pink in this one...

And then, of course, I had to do a page with my own mommy as well. :)

This is such a clean, classic kit with the pink, black, white, polka dots...but you'll have to wait just a couple of days to get your hands on it. It's available at Sunshine Studio Scraps, which is currently being redesigned - it'll be up and running again on June 1st!

Rain, rain, here to stay...

I always thought that April showers brought May flowers...but around here, it seems as though April showers just brought May showers. It's rained and rained and rained for the past week or so, and as much as I love the rain, I'm a little tired of it at this point. And right in the middle of it all, Sus Designs made a kit just for me! (Okay, not really - but it sure feels like it!) Check out Puddle Jumpers:

One of our rainy afternoons:

Some umbrella and rain boots pics would be perfect for this kit, but we are unfortunately lacking in the rain boots I also did a more happy, sunshiney page with this kit...

Got a little rain falling in your life? Or is it all sunshine or rainbows? Either way, this kit pretty much has you covered - and it's on sale for just $2.99 now at Bits2Kits!

Oh my!

I've really been MIA from the scrap world this month! I've never done "scrap goals" for myself before, but I think I'll do just that for June, and see if I can't get back in the swing of things. :)  Meanwhile, here are a couple of pages from LawTeeDa's latest kit, A Day at the Zoo:

It's been two years since our last zoo trip - time for another visit this summer!

Have zoo pics of your own to scrap? There are soooo many cute elements in this kit (it hurt me not to use the penguin or the giraffe, so I definitely have more work to do!) It's only $4.50 at ScrapMatters - go go go!!