Wednesday, July 6, 2011

In a jam...

Okay, I'm not really...but I DID recently learn to make some! I was chosen as a hostess of a Ball-hosted "Discover You Can" canning party from - I've been wanting to learn to can things for a while (just like Grandma used to do!) and this was a great opportunity. Of course, I took lots of pictures - and then I found a great kit for scrapping them. Check out A Pinch and A Dash by Blue Heart Designs - this one would be great for SO many cooking layouts!

As always, you can see more detail by clicking on the layout:

I used a great template from Jellebelleke's Summer Sun Vol. I template set for this page too - can't wait to use the others in the pack too!

You can buy A Pinch and A Dash at DSC for $3.00 and Summer Sun Vol. I Templates at Misses Bee Haven for $2.60 (on sale!)

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